Have you experienced any of this?

  1. Feeling embarrassed when you can't recollect the name of the person
  2. Feeling frustrated when you can't recollect where you kept important things
  3. Feeling like a failure because even after studying hard yet can't recall facts in exams


If you have experienced any of this, then “Instant Recall” workshop is for you.

Instant Recall is about memorising information in such that you can recall it when needed.


How will the workshop help you?

  • Increasing your confidence
  • Boosting your productivity
  • Improving relationships


What will you learn?

You will learn the techniques for

  • Memorising names
  • Memorising numbers
  • Memorising difficult answers

This course will help you with

  1. The mindset shift required for having a sharp memory
  2. How to remember names
  3. How to recollect any text (long/difficult answers, technical material etc.)
  4. How to recollect any numbers  (Got Expert Srinivas Vakati for this topic)
  5. How to effectively apply the memory techniques

This Module will help you to master the Techniques of Instant Recall and will sharpen your Method to Memorize