Available courses

This course will be a preparation for your Velocity Reading Workshop

This module contains the techniques and training sessions to master the skill of Velocity Reading

This module will help you to revise the concepts learnt in Velocity Reading. Plus it will help you to get maximum understanding from two books - How To Win Friends And Influence People & 8 To Be Great in just 60 minutes.

You will also learn about the time frame in which you should revise information so that you will retain it for longer period of time.

This is a preparatory module for the Habit Development Workshop

This is a practice module for the Habit Development Workshop

This course will help you with

  1. The mindset shift required for having a sharp memory
  2. How to remember names
  3. How to recollect any text (long/difficult answers, technical material etc.)
  4. How to recollect any numbers  (Got Expert Srinivas Vakati for this topic)
  5. How to effectively apply the memory techniques

This Module will help you to master the Techniques of Instant Recall and will sharpen your Method to Memorize